I’m Shelby. Mom of two, with a passion for baking, iced coffee, amazon prime + pretty pictures. Photography has long been one of my loves — capturing beauty in still moments or in the blur of life as it happens. But when my babies were born, I wanted to freeze every moment and stop them from growing up. Photography was the best way to try. That has led to the opportunity to be a storyteller, through photographs, for couples, families, new parents and newlyweds. 

As my blog reveals, our life is crazy. But in ways that you will find familiar. I married a man who is equally stubborn and adventurous. We have our moments, and we agree to disagree a lot. But, we never disagree about our munchkins. We come alive on the floor with them.

We live in a cozy corner of Tennessee in a white farmhouse we designed and built last year. Whether we’re still in our jammies at dinner, or on a journey around the world, I’ll tell the story here. 

If you like the way I chase light with my chunky Canon 5D Mark III, I would love to take a shot at freezing your sweet moments in time.